Autonomous Learning

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November 7th. 2014

In unit 4, you will also be provided with the general layout, word-count explanations and marking regulations that will be considered for your paper.

The following questions have the purpose of focusing your ideas on a specific topic that attracts your attention the most and that you believe can be the central topic of your paper. Please take the time to answer the questions reflectively and thoroughly so that your work for unit 5 is facilitated.

Answer the following questions.
1.Which of the areas below attracts most your attention? Choose one or two maximum. ◦Applied Linguistics
◦Discourse Analysis
◦Autonomous learning
◦Distance learning
◦Corpus Linguistics

The area I choose was The Autonomous Learning.

2. What aspects of the area(s) you chose attracts or amazes you most? Why so? Please explain.

The most attractive aspect for me is the metacognitive strategies, that we can defined as ‘an appreciation of what one already knows, together with a correct apprehension of the learning task and what knowledge and skills it requires, combined with the agility to make correct inferences about how to apply one's strategic knowledge to a particular situation, and to do so efficiently and reliably' (Shawn Taylor in 'Better Learning Through Better Thinking'). Also metacognitive strategies provide students explicit teacher instruction for a specific metacognitive (learning) strategy, because is like an action plan that provides the student procedure for solving a particular problem and they must accurately represent the learning task.

There are some critical elements of teaching metacognitive strategies and they are taught using explicit teaching methods,

3. If you could summarize and explain the definition and scope of inquiry of the aspect you chose, how would you do so? Write your answer in minimum 200 words.

Starting with the definition of autonomous learning is generally...
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