BA 491 Walt Disney Co

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BA 491
The Walt Disney Company
Tianshi Dong

1.What is Walt Disney’s corporate strategy?

Walt Disney Company`s corporate strategy was centered on (1) creating high-quality family content, (2) exploiting technological innovations to make entertainment experiences more memorable, and(3) international expansion.

2.Does Walt Disney’s portfolio exhibit good strategic fit? What opportunities for skill transfer, cost sharing, or brand sharing do you see?

Yes, Walt Disney`s portfolio exhibit good strategic fit.
Disney`s corporate strategy also called for sufficient capital to be allocated to its core theme parks and resorts business to sustain its advantage in the industry. The Walt Disney Company`s also attempted to capture synergies existing between its business units. In 2012, the company`s business units were organized into five divisions: Media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertaiment, consumer products, and interactive media.

3.What actions do you recommend that Walt Disney Company’s management take to improve the company and increase shareholder value?

Robert Iger identified three particular strategies that have been effective for Disney over the years. He declared that these three strategies have been especially instrumental in the company’s success over the past seven years. Iger stated that Disney’s three major strategies have been to ―create high-quality content for families, making that content more engaging and accessible through the innovative use of technology, and growing our brands and businesses in markets around the world.

For the future, Disney has plans to adapt to meet growing consumer interests in foreign countries. Today, Disney has their worldwide known amusement parks in more different continents. In addition, they have licensed shops and products all over the world. They are using the strategy of Foreign Outsourcing to meet the company’s growing demands and at the same time, keep costs down....
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