Bacteria Lab

Topics: Chemistry, Experiment, Bacteria Pages: 2 (306 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Bacteria Lab Write-up

Hypothesis: If chemical cleaning supplies are related to the killing of bacteria, then the cleaning supplies will kill and inhibit bacterial growth.
A. Materials – Greenworks, Lysol, Germa-tan, and water
B. Independent Variables – Greenworks, Lysol, Germa-tan C. Dependent Variable – Zones of kill and inhibition
D. Control group – Sections with water
E. Experimental group – sections with Greenworks, Lysol, and Germa-tan F. Procedures – Isolate one bacteria colony and inoculate it onto two new petri dishes to make lawns. Divide each lawn into four sections – one for each of Greenworks, Lysol, Germa-tan, and water. Soak two hole punches in each of these liquids, and place them in each section on the lawns. After one day check and measure the zones of kill and inhibiton for each different chemical used

* Below are the measurements of the zones of kill and inhibition for each chemical * Group 3| * Greenworks| * Lysol| * Germa-tan| * Water| * Plate 1(kill)| * 1mm| * 3mm| * 5mm| * 0mm| * Plate 2(inhibit)| * 2mm| * 8mm| * 6mm| * 0mm| *

* Graph showing the same information (all measurements in mm) *
A. Our results showed that our specific bacterum was water resistant, but could be harmed by the chemical cleaners Greenworks, Lysol, and Germa-tan. Greenworks and Lysol are both household cleaning items and neither made a very big zone of kill. Lysol, however, had a large zone of inhibition. Germa-tan is an anti-infective spray and had good results for both kill and inhibition. The results of the experiment support our hypothesis that these chemical cleaners kill and inhibit bacterial growth. Possible sources of error in the experiment could include too much or too little chemicals being introduced and contamination or mixing of multiple chemicals. A way to...
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