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Spencer Barnes is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Industrial Design at North Carolina State University (NCSU) and he teaches automotive design, parametric modeling, and surface modeling to undergraduate and graduate Industrial Design students. Spencer is a Technology Education doctoral candidate in the NCSU Department of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education as well. His research primarily focuses on engineering education and CAD. In particular, he is interested in the effective presentation and delivery of CAD instruction in blended learning and distance education environments. Eric N. Wiebe, North Carolina State University

ERIC N. WIEBE, Ph.D. Dr. Wiebe is an Associate Professor in the Graphic Communications Program at NC State University. He has authored or co-authored four texts on technical graphics and has been involved in Computer-Aided Design (CAD)/3-D modeling development and use since 1986. He has also worked on the integration of scientific visualization concepts and techniques into both secondary and post-secondary education. Dr. Wiebe is past editor of the Engineering Design Graphics Journal and has been a member of the EDG Division of ASEE since 1989.

Theodore J. Branoff, North Carolina State University
Dr. Branoff is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education at North Carolina State University. A member of ASEE since 1987, he has served as Chair of the Engineering Design Graphics Division of ASEE and as Associate Editor in charge of paper reviews for the Engineering Design Graphics Journal. He is currently President of the International Society for Geometry and Graphics. Dr. Branoff’s research interests include spatial visualization in undergraduate students and the effects of online instruction for preparing technology education teachers and engineers. Along with teaching courses in introductory engineering graphics, computer-aided design, descriptive geometry, and instructional design, he has conducted CAD and geometric dimensioning & tolerancing workshops for both high school teachers and local industry.

c American Society for Engineering Education, 2011

The Effects of Worked Examples on CAD Performance: An
Application of the Four-Component Instructional Design
Model to CAD Instruction
This presentation discusses enhancements to current instructional practices for engineering graphics and constraint-based modeling courses taught at the collegiate level, and introduces a novel application of an instructional design framework, 4C/ID, directed towards the design and dissemination of interactive CAD tutorials. Several engineering graphics researchers and instructors have made efforts to accommodate the challenges of blended instruction by designing general CAD tutorials that attempt to leverage embedded video resources. However, the literature reports few cases of systematic design and evaluation of instructional strategies based on cognitive learning theory. In this study, a total of 161 students enrolled in GC120-Foundations of Engineering Graphics were divided between control and experimental treatments, with the experimental group receiving tutorial videos designed around the 4C/ID model. These two groups were analyzed for the ways in which the tutorial videos were used to support learning solid modeling tasks and how this knowledge was subsequently transferred to novel solid modeling tasks. Data were analyzed in order to determine the best practices for creating and administering CAD tutorials in hybrid learning environments. Considerations for furthering the authors’ line of inquiry into constraint-based modeling instruction are addressed as well.

Within the area of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) education...
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