Barriers in Communication

Topics: The Culture, Difference, Psychology Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Barriers is anything to do with the interference of the message being receive or understood by the other person who is the receiving the message (, 27 Mar 2013). Barriers is one of the reason why misunderstanding or communication breakdowns. It’s very important to understand and to be aware of the barriers and of the common barriers in the business world is a cultural barrier. Cultural barriers are “the same category of words, phrases, symbols, actions, colours mean different things to different countries or cultural backgrounds” (, 27 Mar 2013) All countries and world regions have different culture such as behaviours or emotions. Language and religion are also one of the barriers that may affect communication between two people (, 27 Mar 2013).

4.1Language and Accent
Language is one of the obvious cultural barriers. Differences in language may create misunderstanding in business internal communication. Understanding what the other people try to tell or convince is very important for effective communication. If the language is problem to listen or understand, then language can be a problem in order to achieve effective communication (, 27 Mar 2013). For example travelling or conducting business trip to other countries which both countries have a different languages and it is hard to communicate with each other or not only that in the company which have different nationality also can have a misunderstanding in communication from the way their talk or express. So it is obvious that language is one of the barriers for effective internal communication is the business world.

Religion is one of the cultural barriers that difficult to overcome than language. Religion can cause confusion and also can offend other people if the religious of that specific place or person are not been studied or understand. Take a look Middle-Ease...
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