Barriers to communication

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Barriers to communication (Interpersonal skills)

To make sure you are communicating effectively, it is better to reduce to the barriers that effect it. E.g When the executive Manger or Managers are speaking to the co-workers-which are the audience, the managers voice should be clear and loud enough, without any interference. When mangers are usually speaking to a big crowd they tend to use mouthpieces therefore it shouldn’t be positioned under your chin, because then the audience will not be able to hear what your saying, and to make sure that the audience know that you are talking to them it is right for the manger to face them. Background noise is usually seen as something that is unimportant. When speaking to an audience even the slightest type of noise will distract them. Distractions such as humming Of an air conditioning unit or the ticking of a clock, or even shuffling from others.

Distractions such as walking into a meeting late will cause distractions to other people or even leaving unexpectedly during a meeting, will mean that everyone will turn around to watch that person. These types of distractions can interrupt the thoughts of an audience or even the speaker sometimes, The audience may stop listening to the speaker and speaker may lose concentrate. As soon as that happens the speaker feels the need to repeat the part of the message. Lack of concentration from an audience will make it difficult to communicate to them, which means it is better to maintain concentration levels even if there are distractions this will mean the audience will understand the speaker, and then the speaker will not have to repeat everything. Thinking of length of a conversation or communication is important- because the audience can only take in so much information at a time. For example when a speaker is making a speech and if it is lengthy the audience will have lower concentration levels. For example in a business discussion the speeches need to short so that the...
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