Based on Your Understanding on Critical and Analytical Thinking, Specify on How You Can Apply These Skills in Your Tertiary Education

Topics: Critical thinking, Reasoning, Thought Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Base on my understanding on critical and analytical thinking which everyone must have for these skills in working, learning and everyday life so, people always use and seldom use to thinking skills are differently. Each people use these skills differently because everyone has different ideas and opinions. These skills are crucial for undergraduate and postgraduate to study. Critical thinking is reasonable reflective thinking focused on deciding what to believe or do. Analytical thinking is a methodical step by step approach to break down complex problems. Critical and analytical thinking is able to help one analysis better and develop brain. These skills are important for everyone. I have research why different people have different thinking, idea, aspect, viewpoint, knowledge and opinion. I always asked myself. I looking for problem and reason about myself with another one I had to comparison reasonably many time and because I think each everyone are using differently. Mostly people achieve in life self awareness what dose she/he want to do and be able to practice weaknesses become good points. These skills can become useful when one is in doubt. Critical and analytical thinking are multiple skills in thinking. Brain development must have drill, search new things and use the brain usefully in learning. I think knowledge is very important for everyone why some people have knowledge and smart more than another people because different people are differently learning and education. There are people who will research on the internet or go to the library to search for their answers to gain knowledge at the same time. For people always thinking out of the box because people there are more imagines and perspectives. In my learning I have to use some part of critical thinking and analytical thinking to consider and make it better when I thinking, writing, listening and speaking. I often make questions when I doubt something I will ask myself and...
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