Bato Balani

Topics: Chemical reaction, Hydrogen, Catalysis Pages: 6 (1484 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Bato Balani Journal #1
p. 8
1. How was the first quasicrystal discovered?
- The quasicrystal was discovered while Daniel Shechtman was experimenting on a chilled molten mixture of aluminium and manganese which revealed a 10-fold symmetry. 2. Compare crystals and quasicrystals.

- the crystal, the patterns are tightly packed, they have no space in between, and look the same in whatever angle. And the quasicrystal, the atoms exhibit a regular pattern, but the pattern is not repeated. 3. What are the uses of quasicrystals?

- They are used for surgical needles, razor, nonstick frying pan, and light emitting diode lights.

p. 13
1. How does a magnetic tongue work?
- It uses nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to assess flavours. 2. Do you think the magnetic tongue is useful? Why or why not?
- Yes, because the magnetic tongue is as good as a professional food taster when it comes to assessing flavours. 3. What is NMR spectroscopy?
- It is an analytic tool that allows scientists to study the physical, biological, and chemical properties of matter.

p. 19
1. What are the new features in the family of compounds made by the researchers in UJI?
- It can be used with a wider range of solvents and will not cause toxic or allergic reactions to users. 2. Give some examples of gels found in your home. Describe them
- Yoghurts, fruity gelatine, sweet jelly candies, styling gel and cream shampoo. 3. Do you think the new material is useful for you? Why or why not?
- Yes, because it won’t harm me by not causing toxic or allergic reaction.

p. 21
1. How does Ling Zang’s mercury tester work?
- It uses perylene dye and a DNA binding group for detecting mercury concentrations. 2. What are the causes of mercury pollutions?
- Mercury is produced from industries such as coal-fired power plants, chemical manufacturing, and cement production. 3. Do you thing coal-fired power plants, chemical manufacturers and cement producers should adopt Lin Zang’s device? Justify your answer.

- Yes, mercury is a big threat to our environment. Since they are the main cause of mercury pollution, they should adopt the device to lessen it.

Bato Balani Journal #2
p. 8
1. How does aromatherapy help in a person’s well-being?
- It improves one’s mood and physical well-being through body massage. 2. How does the use of essential oils contribute to indoor pollution?
- They are said to produce VOCs that can stay in the air even after the source is gone. When in contact with ozone, they form SOAs that can cause irritation in the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory system. 3. How does pollution occur in an enclosed area like the home?

- While pollution is present, the layout and ventilation of the spa have an impact on the level of pollution produced while an aroma therapy massage is being performed. 4. With what you’ve learned about the bad side of essential oils, do you think you would still enjoy a day at the spa. Explain your answer.

- No, because I won’t be that relaxed anymore knowing that there’s still pollution even when you’re indoors. 5. Would you use essential oils at home? Why or why not?
- Maybe, when the need arises but as much as possible, no because it causes indoor pollution.

p. 13
1. What did chemists Matt Sigman and Kaid Harper discover about catalysts?
- They found out that the sizes and electronic properties of catalysts interact with each other, 2. What data does the mathematical technique they devised provide?
- It helps identify the best size and electronic properties for potential catalysts. 3. How do the findings of Sigman and Harper help in the development of catalysts?
- It can help to use up less energy and to produce less waste especially greenhouse gases. 4. What products you use at home contain catalyst?
- Everything we used including medicines, food, beauty products, toys, and writing instruments.

p. 19
1. Describe metal oxide framework.
- Porous crystals constructed from...
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