Beh 220 Applied Final Project

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Applied Final Project 1

Applied Final Project

BEHS 220
25 Nov 2012
Applied Final Project 2
Diversity Consciousness was offered to me as a science option for my Business Major. Based on the courses offered I believed that Diversity Consciousness would benefit not only my personal life but it would also benefit me in my career field as well. In my current field I am a leader in a large diverse organization and my expectations for the course was it would provide me with additional skills to become a more effective leader. Diversity Consciousness has expanded my scope and redefined for me what diversity means on a personal, social and global level. Prior to taking Diversity Consciousness I defined diversity as pertaining to race and culture. Honestly my outlook on diversity was limited to the work place. My diversity awareness was affected by taking this course in many areas that ironically were not related to race. During the course I was able to take a deep look at who I was or thought I was. An important benefit of Diversity Consciousness is that it allows you to gain awareness of how your own culture shapes your views and ideologies about the world around you. Understanding how cultural impacts influence how we relate to one another, is the foundation to overcoming many social and economic barriers we face within society. My understanding of Diversity is no longer limited to race. Understanding the value of diversity provides the frame work for effective social and cultural interaction from the perspective of one another. Many misunderstandings and misconceptions in regards to diversity are due to the lack of understanding without feedback from one another. In society we believe the views and opinions within our own culture as truth, without taking the time to engage in dialogue to bring understanding to our views and differences. Our preconceived ideologies once allowed diversity to be a vehicle for separation, but we must redefine what diversity means to achieve mutual understanding and respect within society for all people regardless of ethnicity. What I found to Applied Final Project 3

be an outstanding learning point is the philosophy that diversity consciousness is a lifelong journey. The most beneficial aspect of the course was learning diversity skills. You can receive training on diversity, but if there is not anything you can take away from what you have learned the training is ineffective. Cross cultural communication was insightful and allowed me to gain a better understating of other cultures, but it also allowed me to reflect on how my own culture has affected my worldview. During week two we had a chance to view two cross cultural communication videos which were terrific training aids. The two videos portrayed leaders in diverse organizations and situations which were beneficial to me in my current position. The first video allowed me to see a supervisor in a Latin culture, which was not from that culture and a Woman. Most people make the mistake the supervisor did in the first video by not taking time to learn the culture. As we have learned diversity skills are applied in two parts; one being interpersonal; and the other being cross cultural. These skills allow you to view the situation from the perspective of others which were absent in both videos and ultimately caused each leader be ineffective in their roles. The second video was very creative from the aspect that it allowed the viewer to see how a failure to communicate in a diverse environment affects everyone. On a global level the second video showed the importance of diversity skills as it relates to communicating across multiple cultures that span the globe. During the past eight weeks I have learned that diversity conscious requires you to deal with issues and emotions that are uncomfortable. The steps that I recognize I need to take, is too first acknowledge that I am diversity illiterate and that I needed to have an open...

References: Adams, M et al, 2010. Readings for Diversity and Social Justice (2nd ed.). New York, NY Routledge, Taylor and Francis.
Barnes, E. (2012, November 7-8). Personal Interview.
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