Benefits and Creation of New Elements

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New Elements
Describe why "new" elements (man-elements) are created, or why do we benefit in creating them? Elements are the building blocks of which all things are composed. The elements of Earth are made up of atoms. All atoms possess a nucleus of positively charged protons as wells and neutrons which are neutrally charged. Surrounding the nucleus is a low density area containing negatively charged electrons that are equal to the number of protons within the nucleus. The number of protons within an atom determines the element that it composes. Every element within the Periodic table is defined by its atomic number (the number of protons in the atom). Elements with an atomic number between 1 and 92 are naturally occurring elements. Every element with an atomic number higher than 92 (having a nucleus with more than 92 protons) is a synthetic (man-made) element. The larger the atomic number, the heavier the element.

Explain why creating new elements are difficult.

In general, how are man-made elements created (give 2 examples)?
Discuss how they differ from "natural elements".

And discuss whether humans can "create" naturally occurring elements if we have a scarcity of those elements on earth (either because we're depleting them from earth or if they are not abundant). Robert Boyle, a philosopher and theologian, studied the properties of gases in the 17th century. He noticed that gases behave similarly to springs; when compressed or expanded, they tend to ‘spring’ back to their original volume. He published his findings in 1662 in a monograph entitled The Spring of the Air and Its Effects. You will make observations similar to those of Robert Boyle and learn about the relationship between the pressure and volume of an ideal gas.
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