Benefits and limitations of technology

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Evaluate the benefits and limitations of using technology in learning and teaching The use of technology in teaching is now a widely encouraged concept. In fact, the new Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers in Education and Training (et-foundation, 2014), state that we must promote the benefits of technology and support learners in its use. With this in mind it appears that using technologies within teaching and learning is the emerging paradigm. However, this is not clear as it appears, as there can be many limitations to go with the many benefits, as discussed below;Benefits: It can make some subject interesting and motivating. It also allows for different kind texts, graphics, videos and pictures, this can be important when meeting individual needs or for those with a learning difficulty. Along with this, having online lessons, students can use authentic language, blogs, wikis to promote independent learning, it can also be useful for learners who cannot attend one week to be able to see what the lesson covered, reducing the risk of them falling behind. Using technology is also beneficial for storing materials for future use. The use of ‘clouds’ and learning platforms are a great asset to allow sharing of good practice and make all resources more accessible to a wider range. Students are also able to learn IT skills together or just to further develop the skills they already have. Finally depending on what sorts of technology is used it can allow for fun and variation within learning and assessment. Disadvantages:

One key element to using technology is the apparent technical problems that appear. If this was during a class and you had not planned for technical difficulties this could mean learning will not take place. Along with this there is the question of lack of IT skills in both teachers and students. Many assume that teachers will have a high level of ICT skills; however, this may not always be the case. As So & Kim state; “As new...

References: Hyo-Jeong So & Bosung Kim. Learning about problem based learning: Student teachers integrating technology, pedagogy and content knowledge. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 2009, 25(1), 101-116.Found at: Accessed on 28 July 2014.
Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers in Education and Training in the UK, 2014. Accessed on the 28th July 2014
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