Benefits of Slavery to the North

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Benefits of Slavery to the North Name:


Benefits of Slavery to the North
Slave trade is an economical and political system that treats a certain group of people as property; it is the trade of slaves. Just like any other commodity they the slaves can be bought, sold and disposed off at will. Human rights, equality and fair treatment is a privilege that the slaves never get to experience as they are for the entire span of their lives at the mercies of their masters. The slave master could do just about anything that they wished with their slaves, and they did. Slave trade was simply that; a form of trade. It was a booming business in those days and as will be discussed in this paper, slave trade played a critical role in the establishment and strengthening of the western economies. Beginning of slave trade

Slave trade was a legally accepted concept in the United States of America between the 19th and 20th century. This concept was already in place even before US got her independence from the British in 1776. The British from as far back as in the 16th century had already made use of slave trade to further her objectives of world dominance and control. The oldest account of slavery was in 14th century whereby the Portuguese were selling African slaves to the Spanish Americans (Worger, Clark & Alpers, 2010). Britain was swift in catching up with this trade and as off 1619 the first British ship ferrying African slaves docked at the British colony of Virginia. On independence in 1776, the thirteen colonies recognized slave trade with predisposition to the African people this implying that even the free black...

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