Benetton Imc Case Study

Topics: Advertising, Brand, Oliviero Toscani Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: April 1, 2013
1.    What are the basic objectives of advertising?  What are the advertising objectives of Benetton? There are many theories in many books about the basic objectives of advertising. In my opinion the most practical answer to this question is from Rick Suttle, he said that three main objectives of advertising are to increase sales and profit, encourage trail and usage, and to remind the customer about the satisfaction they had with product in the past. I believe that the main objectives of Benetton’s advertising are to raise their brand awareness and to create a controversial topic in society which make it spread out quickly without to put too much effort or money in broadcasting it.

2.    Discuss the pros and cons of the shock advertising campaign that Benetton used for many years. Pros – The more controversial that shock advertising gets, result in more attention that it receive from the public. In term of advertising, this can lead to the increase in the viewer without having to spend more money in broadcasting the message or the campaign. In this case, for the positive way, Benetton received the brand awareness and also the feeling that Benetton cares about social, political, environment, and health problems. Cons–Shock advertising usually triggers the negative feeling in people’s mind, then the negative feeling might cause the brand image to be damaged. In the end, it could possibly decrease the brand loyalty of the current customer and could even prevent new customers to make purchase because they don’t feel good with the brand or the advertising campaign. Benetton also received this kind of negative feelings from many of their controversial campaign for example, the death row inmates and the black woman breast feed whit child.

3.    Oliviero Toscani has defended Benetton’s use of shock advertising by noting that it constitutes nothing less than a debate between advertising and art.  He argues that potentially offensive images are acceptable in the...
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