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Bio 101 Study Objectives for Exam 1

1. Know the characteristics of life
2. Understand how transfer of energy in an ecosystem works between the trophic levels 3. Know two basic cell types
4. Understand the basic steps of the scientific method and the proper design of an experiment. Including the statement of the hypothesis and use of controls.

Consumers/ decomposers

1. Given any element and a periodic chart be able to determine the number of protons, neutrons and electrons, the atomic number and atomic weight, the number of valence electrons and the valence (missing number in valence shell) 2. Definitions of

a. element
b. compound
c. trace elements
d. isotope
e. ion
f. isomer (don’t get d, e and f mixed up)
g. proton
h. neutron
i. electron

3. Understand how covalent bonds form and the difference between polar covalent and non-polar covalent 4. How does an ionic bond form?
5. What is a H bond and know an example.
6. About chemical reactions:
a. What is a chemical reaction?
b. Reactants
c. Products
7. The polar nature of water gives it extraordinary characteristics” a. Cohesion versus adhesion
b. Moderation of temperature
b.i. Specific heat
b.ii. Evaporation
b.iii. Know the difference between temperature and heat
c. Why does ice float and what is the significance of this?
d. Solvent of life
d.i. Solvent
d.ii. Solute
d.iii. Solution

8. Definition of (what does it do when added to a solution?) a. Acid
b. Base
9. pH range for acid and base- know how a change in pH changes the concentration of hydrogen ions _____times (you fill in the blank).

10. What are the 4 classes of macromolecules?
a. Know the monomer, polymer and bond name for each type
b. Polymers are formed through dehydration and broken down by hydrolysis c. Lipids are the only macromolecule not formed like this
d. Know example molecules for each type of macromolecule
11. Carbohydrates
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