Biology Enzyme investigation

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Biology Enzyme Catalase Investigation
Aim: The aim of this investigation is to study and observe whether or not the concentration of hydrogen peroxide (varying from 10 – 30 millilitres) affects the rate of reaction. Hypothesis: With the increase of the concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% substrate, I prediction that the rate of pressure increase will begin to amplify. The pressure is bound to increase because the catalase quickly reacts with the hydrogen peroxide; this is why the more substrate that is added to the enzyme, the higher amount of pressure that there will be in the test tube. Independent Variable: The amount of hydrogen peroxide designated to be put into the test tube to be mixed with the enzyme is independent seeing as the scientist performing the experiment decides the amount that is to be added to the test tube. Dependent Variable: The absolute pressure, in this particular experiment, is the dependent variable seeing as it is drastically affected by the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The variety of concentrations of hydrogen peroxide provokes a chemical reaction and can influence the absolute pressure (possibly making it increase as stated in the hypothesis). Controlled Variable: The temperature, in this specific investigation, is the controlled variable. The temperature needs to remain constant in order to acquire accurate and fair results and a continuous basis. If the temperature is changing all the time, it is impossible to attain fair results seeing as the environment in which the experiment is taking place is interrupted.


Above is the set of data, which refers to the first test of 10 millilitres of hydrogen peroxide; this graph shows two clustered areas. Each trial ended between 105 and 108 units of absolute pressure which is a wide spread of data. The clustered areas are within the 105 and 108 range but nowhere else; this may be caused by an irregularity in the stirring process prior to the...
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