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Cross Cultural Communications and Management
John Molson School of Business
Winter 2013 – Section AA

Course Number:



Dr. Zeynep Arsel ( twitter@zeyneparsel)


MB 13-227

Class Time and Place:

Tuesday 17:45 – 20:15 MB-S1.401

Office Hours:

Tuesday 16:00-17:00 (or by appointment)


(514) 848-2424 (ext. 2956)

e-mail: (e-mail is the most efficient way to reach me)

Please read this course outline carefully, and keep it as a reference. If you email me with a question that is already answered in this document, I will not reply to it.

Course Description1
This course deals with the multicultural dimensions of international business operations. The objective is to develop Canadian managerial skills for effective performance in an international setting. Topics to be covered include international negotiations, management of multicultural personnel, cross-cultural consumer behavior profile, cross-cultural communication, and other cultural aspects of marketing strategy.


MARK 462 or IBUS 462.

Course Objectives
Cultural differences are hard to understand because, although their consequences are obvious, it is not easy to analyze, describe or categorize them. The cultural processes by which behavior is shaped are frequently overlooked in business contexts, causing miscommunication and misunderstandings. The objective of this course is to increase your understanding of the role culture plays in creating differences in values, worldviews, behavior, verbal and non-verbal communication conventions and preferences. At a more practical level, you will also learn how these differences are reflected in day-today interactions, business practices, and interpersonal communications. Rather than providing an inventory of momentary facts on cultural differences, my goal is to familiarize you with the theories that explain how culture operates in creating these differences. With the help of these theories, you will be ready to overcome the challenges of a changing global and multicultural marketplace. At the end of the course, I hope that all of you will be furnished with valuable intercultural competence that will make you not only better international managers, but also more empathetic individuals with enhanced cultural sensitivity.

Course Materials
Required Reading
Neuliep, J.W. (2011). Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach (5th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Other Course Material
PowerPoint files of lectures, extra readings, assignment instructions and cases, and other materials will be available through moodle, which is accessible through myconcordia portal. I will make important announcements through the message board section of moodle, so it is essential that you have a working e-mail address in your profile and/or check moodle frequently. Please add my e-mail address to your safe list in your spam filter so that you do not miss any important announcements.


Official description from the Academic Calendar
Cross Cultural Communications and Management – Winter 2013– Last Revised 1/7/13

Teaching Method and Classroom Expectations
In-class component of this course mainly consists of interactive lectures and mini case discussions. Throughout every lecture, we will have quick discussions on real world applications of the course concepts. All students are expected to actively participate in these discussions by asking and answering questions and by sharing news story clippings, examples of advertising, and other relevant material with class members. It is also very important to read and think about the assigned material before coming to class so that we can have a productive and meaningful learning experience. Because of the interactive nature of this course, regular attendance is necessary for achieving our learning goals; however if you...
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