Bloom's Taxonomy

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Bloom’s Taxonomy: Knowledge

“Where do we begin in seeking improvement in human thinking”(Forehand 1)? This question is asked many educators today. Benjamin S. Bloom has helped us answer this question with the 18 books he has published especially his book: Bloom’s Taxonomy. “This book received very little attention when it was first published but now it is published in over 22 languages and is one of the most widely used and most often cited references in education”(Forehand 2). Bloom’s theory of mastery learning has impacted the educational system for many years but still continues to influence the educational system today; especially with his 1 of 6 theories of learning; knowledge.

Benjamin Samuel Bloom was born on February 21, 1913 in Lansford, Pennsylvania. Ever since he was a young boy, Benjamin was always curious about the way things worked and the mechanics behind it all. Bloom attended Pennsylvania State University and graduated in 1935 with a bachelor’s and master’s degree. He wanted to go further with his studies, so he went to the University of Chicago and became part of the Board of Examinations. Bloom didn’t just stop there. He went to become a University Examiner and then later, an instructor in the Department of Education. Bloom received his doctorate from the University of Chicago. He traveled to India later in his life to conduct a workshop on evaluation, but when he left, he changed the Indian educational system. Throughout Bloom’s life he published many books that impacted the educational system. His books helped form educational programs; such as the Head Start Program in America. Aside from his influences on education, Bloom was married and had two sons. He was dedicated to his family and was considered a family man. Benjamin Bloom died in his home in Chicago on September 13, 1999, leaving behind a legacy that impacted the world of education (Overbaugh 6).

“Psychologist, Benjamin Bloom and several colleagues created...
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