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Most Comprehensive References List for Serious IIT Aspirants Besides great teachers and/or dedicated Self-Study, the following reference books are invaluable in helping you master your concepts in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and crack the IIT-JEE and allied exams. It is made abundantly clear to the reader that any of the above references comprise a maximum of 75% of the requirement of the student for IIT-JEE. In fact, the combined use of all the mentioned references will also not make up 100% of the requirements. A number of ideas in IIT-JEE are beyond books and can be taught only by an experienced teacher. A list of references follows as compiled by the IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra academic think-tank.

Mathematics List of References
IIT-JEE Standard Recommended Books :
1. Objective Mathematics (2 Volumes) – Amit Agarwal (Arihant Pr.) 2. New Pattern IIT-JEE Mathematics – SK Goyal (Arihant Pr.) 3. IIT-JEE Mathematics – ML Khanna (JPNP Publications)
4. IIT-JEE Mathematics – Asit Dasgupta (Bharti Bhuvan Publications) 5. IIT-JEE Mathematics (5 Volumes) – Arihant Prakashan
6. IIT-JEE Mathematics (5 Volumes) – Cengage Learning
7. IIT-JEE Mathematics – Tata McGraw Hills Publications
Internationally Acclaimed Text Books Useful for IIT-JEE :
1. Text Book of Algebra – Hall & Knight
2. Text Book of Trigonometry – SL Loney
3. Text Book of Co-ordinate Geometry – SL Loney
4. Problems in Calculus of One Variable – IA Maron (CBS Publishers) 5. Problems in High School Mathematics – Prilepko (MIR)
6. Problems in Mathematics – Berman (MIR)
7. Combinatorics – Chong
8. Problems in Elementary Mathematics – Yaglom & Yaglom (MIR)

Timeless Classics for all requirements :
1. Educative JEE Mathematics – KD Joshi (University Press) 2. International Olympiad Problems Series – MAA, Klamkin, Andrescuu & Reiman 3. William Lowell Putnam Competition Problems – MAA
4. MAA Olympiad Collection (45 Books)
5. Springer Books on Problem Solving Strategies –...

References: for Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry :
NB: Top IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes in India recommend a few of the above books
to their students and complement it with classroom Lecture notes, Assignments, Tests
and supplementary exam-oriented books published by the Institute.
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