Bridging the GAP: Critical Response

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Intercultural competence Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: November 23, 2014
Week 4

Bridging the GAP, pages 92-93

Extra Reading
November 6th

In the article 'Bridging the GAP’, Warren Troob argues that in the contemporary business world, international business is common, and therefore being aware of cross-cultural differences is essential for success. He explains that the majority of people are not skilled cross-cultural communicators. In addition, Troob also highlights six of most common mistakes that are often committed when people try to deal if another from a different culture. The most important are: people forget that somethings could have a different meaning in another cultures; due to people grow immerse in a culture, they believes that their to do ways are the best; generalisation and stereotyping all invidious from the same culture. Finally, Troob states that being aware of this issue is the best way to avoid cross-cultural business communications. Discussion:

The author provides a range of reasonable examples of how misunderstandings can happen during a intercultural business. However he fails to mention that different languages is also a common barrier to cross-cultural communication. For instance, a foreigner company from China dealing with a Brazilian company, where the CEO from the Brazilian company is capable of have a conversation in three different idioms, Portuguese, English and Chinese. Put another way, the linguistic facilities provide by the Brazilian CEO can make the dealing easier and more productive. Troobs seems to place too much emphasis on differences between cultures. However, the danger of overemphasising the differences if that people become so concerned about them that can overlook the similarities. Identifying the common point between different cultures can also be a powerful tool to be successful in a cross-cultural business communication. Cross-cultural guides like Troob's are helpful, but in some cases it can leads to more misunderstandings.

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