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Topics: United Kingdom, House of Lords, Parliament of the United Kingdom Pages: 6 (1338 words) Published: October 17, 2014
 [1] James O’Driscoll. Britain for Learners of English. 2nd edition. Oxford University Press. 2009
1. Country and people: p8-14
Where is Britain?
How many nations are there in the UK? What are they?
 Symbols of each nation
 How different are they? (3 ideas)
 Which is dominant among them?
 Signs of national identity?
John Bull: who is it?
The Union Jack: what is it?

2. Geography: p32-42
West, East, North, South: tell the difference in climate
The lack of extremes?
Land and settlement:
South+ East: ...............+...............
North+ West: ....................................
The impression of variety?
Privacy and love of countryside ................................... Cities: outwards or upwards?
The environment and pollution: 3 ideas
The square mile?
West End and East End?
Londoners live in .............. , work in ..................... Scotland:
3 regions?
Which is highly-populated?
How many major cities?
Which is the largest city in Britain? The 2nd largest city? The 3rd largest city? The others (Southern England, the Midlands, Northern England, Wales, Northern Ireland): find out an adjective to describe

3. Attitudes: p 58-68
Stereotypes and change:
Public life>< Private life
( Britain is "a land of tradition" >< British people do not follow traditions)  7 examples (3 examples of stereotypes and 4 examples of change) English versus British:
Every habits, attitudes, values are similar among the peoples of the 4 nations; especially, anti-intellectualism  2 examples However, it's better seen as an English characteristic.
Each community has its own culture. People live in their community. Conservatism
They may not behave in traditional ways, but they like symbols of tradition and stability  4 examples Being different
6 examples
The love of nature
Countryside= peace, quiet, beauty, good health, no crime.
The countryside represents stability.
The love of animals
6 examples
Formality and informality
Give examples
Public life: rigid rules >< Private life: no rules
British: reserved people
Public spiritedness and amateurism
Give some popular British charitable organizations
Privacy and sex
4. The monarchy: p 80-84
The appearance:
The Queen has the absolute power:
-Choose anyone to run the govt for her
-Dismiss ministers if she doesn’t like them
-Has great power over Parliament
-Embodies the law in the courts (the Crown makes the accusation). The reality: is different. The Queen doesn’t have any power. -can’t choose anyone to be PM PM: the leader of the strongest party in the House of Commons -PM chooses other ministers

-The Queen doesn’t have any power over Parliament (3 ideas) The role of the monarch (3 ideas)
The value of the monarchy (2 ideas)
The future of the monarchy
5. The government: p 85- 91
Government: 2 meanings
1. all politicians in govt depts. (=100)
2. the most powerful politicians (the Cabinet: PM + about 20 heads of the govt depts.) single party govt all members: same party
 establish collective responsibility (every member shares the responsibility) The Cabinet:
Leading politicians will become members of the Cabinet
Cabinet meets once a week to take decisions about:
-new policies
-the implementation of existing policies
-the running of the various govt depts.
Cabinet office:
-runs a busy communication network
-Keeps ministers in touch with each other
-draws the agendas for cabinet meetings
The PM:
PM: the leader of the strongest party in the House of Commons PM appears not to have much power, but in reality has a very great power. The Queen appears to have great power, but in reality has very little. PM is powerful:

-power of patronage cabinet reshuffle
-power of public image
-PM knows and decides the most
The civil service:
Top rank of the civil service= same people that were with the previous govt Govt may change, but the...
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