Busch Gardens

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Busch Gardens, Williamsburg and Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay
Busch Gardens is the name of two theme parks in the United States, owned and operated by Sea World Parks and Entertainment. Both are exhilarating theme parks that offer many different attractions. One of the parks is located in Tampa Bay, Florida and the other is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. These two parks are very different, in themes, attractions, and animals.

Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay first opened in the 1950’s. This park is sixteen years older than the Williamsburg location and is known to be a 19th century African park, offering a total of twenty-four attractions. There are eight roller coasters and three water rides located throughout the park. The park is divided into seven different sections, each are named after a different country in Africa. Each attractions name corresponds to the country that the ride is located in. For example, in the Egyptian country, there is a roller coaster named Montu, named after the Egyptian Falcon God of War. They also offer elaborate animal exhibits: Cheetah Run, Serengeti Plain, Myombe Reserve, Edge of Africa, and Curiosity Caverns. This park has expansive acreage for animals, including cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, rhinoceros, ostriches, gorillas, chimpanzees, crocodiles, meerkats, lions, hyenas, hippos, vultures, and lemurs. The Serengeti Plain animal exhibit is the first of its kind to offer animals in a free-roaming environment. The park also includes a nocturnal cavern for animals, such as snakes, bats, lizards, tamarians, and sugar gliders. Fortin 2

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg opened in the 1970’s. It reflects on an old-world European theme, and consists of seven highlighted countries, and each country offers rides and attractions that reflecting their appropriate theme, while naming their attractions in languages that corresponds to their native country. For example, the country of Germany offers a roller coaster named Verbolten, bumper cars named...
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