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 Caritas Bianchi College of Careers
Assignment Brief - BTEC HND in Business

Organizations and Behavior
Assignment No.:
Application of motivational and leadership theories and understanding of group work and performance Lecturer:
Dr. Benjamin Fung
Issue Date:
24 November 2011
Due Date:
22 December 2011


To examine the leadership and motivational theories that apply to the organizations and also understand the group behavior and effective team work and performance

Learning Outcomes

Assessment criteria for pass
To achieve each outcome a learner must demonstrate the ability to: 3. Examine the relationship between motivational theories
3a. discuss different leadership styles and the effectiveness of these leadership approaches

3b. explain the different motivational theories and their application within the workplace

3c. assess the relationship between motivational theory and the practice of management 4. Demonstrate an understanding of working with others, teamwork, groups, and group dynamics 4a. describe the nature of groups and group behavior within organizations

4b. investigate the factors that lead to effective teamwork and the influences that threaten success

4c. evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning within a given organization

Grade descriptors
A pass grade is achieved by meeting all the requirements defined in the pass assessment criteria for each unit Merit descriptors
Distinction descriptors
In order to achieve a merit the learner must:
In order to achieve a distinction the learner must:
M1.Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions D1.Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions M2.Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniques

D2.Take responsibility for managing and organizing activities M3. Present and communicate appropriate findings
D3.Demonstrate convergent, lateral and creative thinking

Case Study
Car City vs. Super Car

This is a continuation of the case in Assignment 1. You may refer to some information that contains in the background information.

Since the financial tsunami, both Car City and Super Car had suffered from certain degree of harm to their car business. Most of the Asian countries had begun to recover from the financial tsunami. Because of the local exchange rate system, Hong Kong has continued to suffer from the economic recession. Under such conditions, both Car City and Super Car kept on their management philosophy. Peter insisted on “free” (also known as laissez faire) leadership style. He only gave rough guideline and broad strategy for the whole company. Sales managers were delegated to prepare their own in daily sales operation. The market was shrinking but Car City had gained an increase in the market share during the period. Car City selected those job applicants who could pass their aptitude test that they had good suitability for the post of Sales Agent. Since 2000, John enjoyed his semi-retirement scheme. He recruited two group managers, May Cheng and Paul Chan as Vice Presidents. May took charge of the Finance Department and Paul was in charge of Sales Department. They were truly “autocratic” style leaders.

Super Car also gained certain progress in development. John kept on his task-oriented style leadership. He liked to reward the employees who could achieve the sales target in time. Otherwise, heavy pressure would be applied. Subordinates were worked under pressure. Though John was regarded as a fair and equitable boss, the staff turnover rate was higher than those of Car City. Teamwork was difficult as conflicts were frequent when there were differences in objectives. Although Super Car had also some improvement in profit during the economic recovery of Hong Kong, John still could not recruit assistant who he felt fully satisfied....
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