Business and Enviroment

Topics: Business, Marketing, Business ethics Pages: 16 (3243 words) Published: October 10, 2012

Provides a foundation in business operations through a survey of major business functions (management, production, marketing, finance and accounting, human resource management, and various support functions). Offers an overview of business organizations and the business environment, strategic planning, international business, and quality assurance.


Required Resources

Kelly, M., & McGowen, J. (2012). BUSN (4th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

NOTE: There are slides, audio chapter summaries, flashcards, workplace videos, and games located in the course shell to be used as additional resources to assist you in understanding the course material.

Supplemental Resources

Comite, U. (2009). The evolution of a modern business from its assets and liabilities statement to its ethical environmental account. Journal of Management Research, 9(2), 100-120.

Cowton, C. J. (2009). Accounting and the ethics challenge: Remembering the professional body. Accounting & Business Research, 39(3), 177-189.

Pies, I., Hielscher, S., & Beckmann, M. (2009). Moral commitments and the societal role of business: An ordonomic approach to corporate citizenship. Business Ethics Quarterly, 19(3), 375-401.

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1. Describe the role of business in the economy, including the factors of production and the key dimensions of the business environment. 2. Classify the basic types of economic systems, the elements of private enterprise, and the various degrees of competition in a market economy. 3. Describe the global economic environment that impacts U.S. business. 4. Discuss the roles of ethics and social responsibilities in business. 5. Explain the importance of communication in business.

6. Distinguish between the major forms of business ownership and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each. 7. Define entrepreneurship and the nature and importance in the U.S. economy of small businesses. 8. Describe the common forms of organizational structure and the considerations for selection. 9. Describe the basic accounting process and the financial statements used in business. 10. Explain the role of financial management, human resource management, and information management in a business. 11. Identify the basic components of the marketing process (product, promotion, pricing, and distribution). 12. Describe the fundamental components of the production and operations management for goods and services. 13. Use technology and information resources to research issue in business. 14. Write clearly and concisely about business issues using proper writing mechanics.

➢ Late Policy
--- Assignments will be reduced a letter grade for each day following the due date.

➢ Quizzes
--- NO MAKE UP QUIZZES WILL BE GIVEN. Following professor approval and topic selection a (3) page double spaced paper using the APA format along with references will be accepted as a make up for (2) quizzes. Therefore, if a student misses four quizzes he/she will only be able to make up two quizzes. A grade of "0" will be given for the remaining two quizzes.

➢ Papers
--- All written assignments must be submitted to SMARTHINKING and revised accordingly. Papers turned in must include the SMARTHINKING summary sheet. Papers which are not submitted to SMARTHINKING and do not include the summary sheet...
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