Business communication between Australia and China

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Table manner and Gift giving:
The difference between China and Australia business communication

Report prepared for Maurice Benson,
Manager, International Business Practice Group

Prepared by Xuejiao Jia, Manager assistant, International Business Practice Group

Email of Transmittal
Subject: report-commissioned by IBPG
Date: 20/10/2014

Dear Maurice
Thank you to fix me up with the International Business Program Group. As a new staff, this opportunity is very important for me to prove my worth to our company. In your last email, you asked me to write a report to provide a guideline and explain the intercultural communication between my country and Australia. I have already finished my report and attached it into this email. By analyzing Hofstede’s model, my report provide two recommendations, which related to the power distance and long-term orientation, and draw conclusions about how to break the cultural barrier and help our employee to communicate effectively with Chinese employees in the workplace. If you have any question, please contact me for further information.

Kind Regard
Xuejiao Jia

Xuejiao Jia
Manager assistant, International Business Practice Group
Tel: +61 (0)420121345
The purpose of this report is to analyze the current situation and gives the recommendations to Australia ABCD Company’s employees who would like to form intercultural communication with Chinese company. The methodology in this report use Hofstede’s model - power distance and long-term orientation to explain the meaning behind the table manners and gift giving. By analyzing Hofstede’s model, it is concluded that the people, like Chinese, are from high power distance and long-term orientation culture, are courteous and hierarchical. They comply with the role of society and respect the higher rank person. Besides, they tend to form a long-term relationship. In contrast, people, like Australian, are from the low power distance country which means they care more about freedom, individual and also do not care too much about the social ranks. According to the different culture between Chinese and Australia, this report focus on two recommendations, which related to the power distance and long-term orientation, to minimize the obstacles between two foreign companies and form long-term relationship. It also helps the staffs in ABCD Company to communicate effectively and efficiently with Chinese staffs.

1. Introduction
The fast growing Chinese economy in recent year has attracted foreign companies around the world to build business relationship with Chinese firm. However, the cultural difference influences the communication between them. This report will focus on the issue that the staff of Australia’s ABCD Company go to China and develop their business with Chinese enterprise. Beside, this report will give some recommendation to help them to design an International Business Education Program for training personnel in intercultural communication and to build a long and stable relationship with China. The suggestions include the behavior of table manners and giving gifts to business partners in China.

2. Recommendation
2.1 Table manner
2.11 Meeting table manner
In China, Business meeting is very formal and important occasion. When attend a meeting with Chinese people, make sure to arrive at the meeting on time or a few minutes early. It is considered to be disrespect of being late in Chinese business culture, which may destroy the opportunity to establish a business relationship. In addition, when sitting in the table, everyone should sit in the opposite side of their business partners, for example: Chairman opposite Chairman, manger opposite manger, staff opposite staff.

2.12 Banquet table manner
For Chinese people, the way you behave at the table...

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