Business Communication Is Different in Pakistan Compared to Western Countries! Agree/Disagree?

Topics: Communication, Cross-cultural communication, Globalization Pages: 5 (1533 words) Published: April 23, 2011
Business Communication is different in Pakistan compared to western countries Communication is any behaviour, verbal or nonverbal, that is perceived by another. (Dwyer 2006) business communications are purposive interchanges of ideas, opinions, information, instructions and the like, presented personally or impersonally by symbol or signal as to attain the goods of organization. (Rosenblatt, Cheatham & Watt 1992) Today, the organization is growing more complex and the business is growing larger, because of this, the communication is necessary for passing information between people working in the same organization, it provides the critical link between core functions. As Robert Kent, former dean of Harvard Business School has said, “In business, communication is everything” (Blalock 2005). I strongly agree with this statement that Business communication is very different in Pakistan and other western countries majorly due to difference in culture and moral values, religion, advancement in technology, business trends, society norms and many other factors. In this paper I will cover the following aspects of Business communication to compare and contrast the differences. The cross cultural and interpersonal Business communication in Pakistan and Western countries. Use of technology as a source of Business communication in Pakistan and Western countries. The differences in Business Communication on organization level - Case studies of various organizations from Pakistan and USA. Cross culture and interpersonal Business communication in Pakistan and USA (western countries) Effective communication in any culture, boundaries or country involves the parameter of perception in it. Diversity in perceptions is a very important component in perceiving the communicated messages (Limaye, 2000). Pakistan is a country of traditions and explicit culture. In Pakistan, communication is more into a cultural way, even in formal places. While in western countries its quiet different. In Pakistan the organizations usually have collectivist culture that emphasizes on collective goals and the group as a whole. The employees and people in Pakistan are mostly people oriented due to our cultural background and society brought up. We put a greater emphasis on personal relationships and group harmony. While in western countries like USA/UK Individualist culture is more common that typically emphasises on the goals of the individual, individual initiative and achievement. They rely more heavily on facts and figures to determine the optimum outcome. The people in western countries are mostly task-oriented. In Pakistan the intervention of religion, region and relations in business is very common. We are less-professional in our business dealings. This also effects our business communication. E.g in an organization people belonging to same region or family interact very informally. While in western countries people are very professional to their role at job. The intervention of religion and family is negligible. We have indirect style of communication, in which we usually explain everything through our physical context. This sometimes led to unnecessary details and confusions. E.g we usually use “may be” to answer for ignoring somebody while “may be” is considered equivalent to Yes in western countries. Western Countries on the other hand have direct style of communication. Communication language in Pakistan is dual; since the official language is English the most of the verbal communication occurs through English language, but the regional languages and Urdu are usually used as communication language among employees especially on lower level of hierarchy. While in western countries (especially USA) English is the primary communication language both verbal and non-verbal. People in western countries have high inter personal space while in Pakistan people don’t hesitate to ask personal questions at work place. This also effects the...

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