Business English: Need for More Research in an E-Commerce Environment

Topics: Lingua franca, Cross-cultural communication, Linguistics Pages: 3 (633 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Business English: Need for
More Research in an
E-commerce Environment

Traditionally, much has been written and taught regarding Business English. However, Business English "Communication" has only been seen as a tertiary business EFL curriculum. Its main objective has been teaching adults who are doing business, and students studying business to communicate effectively and efficiently with people from various parts around the world. In the world of international business, accurate and timely communication is vital. There are large selections of business communication textbooks, especially in the realm Business English training centers. However, very few offer information necessary to meet new e-commerce skills required by the business community around the world. Existing English Business references are based more on the UK and North American business standards rather than taking a global approach. E-commerce requires going beyond the traditional UK or American business based English Business "communications" pedagogical approach. Culturally relative expressions and norms need to be included in the traditional curriculum of English business communication to make them more focused and directed. Currently, existing English business texts only cover sample letters, phrases and conversations that are used in "standard" situations. When business communication becomes a “canned” process, using specimen letters and "fossilized" phrases, it quickly becomes something different and separate from real world and professional skills. Many typical English business expressions in the professional communication are limited according E-commerce environmental standards. Additionally, attempts to standardize communication have proven to be more restrictive in today's international business environment. Perhaps a more effective and practical approach would be to let the non-native English users

communicate among themselves as the evolution of new...

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