Business Research Methedology

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Technical report: this type of report is commonly done commonly for the people interested in the way of analysis have been approached. Technical report mainly emphasis on 1) The methods employed.

2) The assumptions made in the course of study.
3) The detailed presentations of findings including their limitations and supporting data. Popular report: this type of report is used to convey the understanding of subject matter without confusing the technical jargon and in simple language .popular report is one which gives emphasis on simplicity and attractiveness. The simplification should be sought through clear writing, minimization of technical, particularly mathematical, details and regular use of diagrams.

Similarities of Technical & Popular Reports.
* Both are used to study a Research Problem.
* Both state why the research was undertaken.
* Both reports contain a summary of results.
* Both reports contain bibliography.
* Both reports have list of recommendations.

Differences b/n Technical & Popular reports
Technical report| Popular report|
1. Technical report places emphasis on methods employed, nature of study& data analysis.| 1. Popular report places emphasis on conveying the subject in a simple language.| 2. Technical report stresses the approach to the problem.| 2. Popular report stresses on the findings and list of recommendations.| 3. Contains 9 Sections| 3. Contains 6 Sections.|

a) Summary of results. b) Nature of the study. c) Methods employed. d) Data. e) Analysis of data and presentations of findings. f) Conclusions. g) Bibliography. h) Technical Appendices. i) Index.| a) The findings and their implications. b) Recommendations for actions. c) Objective of the study. d) Methods employed. e) Results. f) Technical appendices.|

Roles of Preliminary pages & End matter.
Role of both preliminary & end matter is to support the main text (or) body of the report....

Citations: 2) End matter serves the role of closing the topic/ giving a conclusion to the research study.
3) Gives a summary of the major conclusions & findings as well as their implications.
4) Contain a bibliography of the various sources of data referred.
5) Contains technical appendices giving information about questionnaires, technical information etc.
6) Contains an index which serves as a guide to the reader for gaining quick access to required information.
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