Career Journal on Biochemist

Topics: Molecular biology, Chemistry, Academic degree Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Kris Lukas
Career Journal
Name: Biochemist
Education and Training
-Candidates should have a high school diploma with good grades in chemistry and biology  
-A Bachelor’s degree in chemistry is good to have as well as a Doctoral degree  
-Good to have a Major’s degree in biology, chemistry, or biochemistry  
- Should have between 18-24 months of experience working as a biochemist in a research facility or as an assistant  
-A typical work day includes studying chemical properties and the different biological processes associated with them. You will also find yourself conducting many experiments and working with very specialized equipment.  

-Each day consists of work relating to biological processes. So one day you could be developing a cure for an illness and the other discovering a new weather-resistant crop.  
-Work hours usually fall into about 40 hours or more per week.  
- Before starting a permanent job, you should have spent about 2 years in training at a biology research institute or as an intern.  
-Being a biochemist involves working in a group on a daily basis. You would also work for an institute of biochemistry or biology or as an independent research group.  
-Salaries can range from about $68,950-$88,000 per year or more based on the amount of work hours that you complete.  
Proper Name
-The formal name of this occupation is a Biochemist

Self -Reflection
-I see myself as being this profession one day because I enjoy biochemistry and biomedical studies. I having taken aptitude towards biology as well so I can view myself in the future as possibly being a biochemist  

-I like that this career involves intense research and the use of specialized equipment. I also enjoy the fact that it involves working in groups over long periods of time as well.  
-I don’t like the fact that it requires a lot of reports and progress reports at same times. Also I pity the fact that it is...
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