Careers in Psychology and Transition Plan

Topics: Education, Psychology, Teacher Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: November 10, 2013
In the vast field of Psychological studies there are an enormous number of job opportunities. Many job opportunities require certain degrees, titles, or certificates in order to qualify for the position. Today the focus is going to be on one job position and all of its prerequisites; this position is that of a school psychologist.

Many people think that a school psychologist just listens to student but in reality their job is much more than that. School psychologists are also responsible for analyzing students test scores to validate them for special services if needed. (Guerrero 2013) Each day these school psychologists have lists of responsibilities exceeding the basic meetings with students. Here are a few to allow a greater understanding of the daily routines of these school psychologists. The school psychologist reviews school records, consult with parents and school personnel, as well as observe students and faculty during the school day. (Guerrero 2013)

School psychologists also help students, parents, and teachers to create the best and safest learning environment. By doing this it helps to strengthen the bond a student feels between home, school, and their community. (National Association of School Psychologists 2013) the school psychologist also helps students to work through problems they are struggling with such as social, emotional, and behavioral problems. (NASP 2013) Having someone who can be there for an individual going through a tough time in their life can change that person’s outlook on life during a hard time.

One of the biggest guiding factors for many people choosing a new career path is the amount of money that an individual can make from the new profession. Typically psychologists are viewed as making a good amount of money in their field since they can make their own rates in private practice, this being said a school psychologist in the state of Rhode Island can earn anywhere from $39,060 all the way up to $110,410 while the...
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