CCOT Chart 1450 1750

Topics: Slavery, African slave trade, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: March 30, 2015

Basic Features at Beginning of Time Period
Key Continuities
Key Changes
Basic Features at end of Period
Reasons for CCOT
Global Trade
Slave Trade(West Coast of Africa and Plantations in America
Columbian Exchange
Trade is important to dependent countries.
Global Trade Exploded along with increasing globalization (age of exploration, colonies, etc Slave Trade and cotton, tobacco sugar
European Exploration caused more trading of various crops
Commercial Revolution (banking, loans, finance)
Throughout the time period, globalization increased, causing more trade and commerce between continents, and newly founded colonies in the Americas. Migrations
World Population 400 million
Hemispheric Cultural Diffusion
Diffusion of Disease
Regional/ Hemispheric Migrations
East African Slave Trade
Trans-Hemispheric and Global Migrations
Columbian exchange of people and animals
Trans Atlantic Slave Trade
World Population 8 Million
Mixed ethnic and racial groups
Migrations were seen as economic opportunity, especially with the slave trade. Genders Systems
Patriarchy still most common
Continued to hold a secondary status
Limited and gradual sense of awareness and injustice to women in society (Europe) Women gained influence.
Not much change, a few women been in shared power.
Households needed to be tended while men worked jobs, women took the role. Technology
Glass, Sunstone calendar, Sea technology.
Use of technology in everyday life.
Advancements in every aspect of science and technology, astronomy Inventions such as Movable print in Europe.
Technology advancements especially during the Renaissance.
The world continued to develop technology to produce more.
Labor Systems
Spanish Settlers (Encomienda, mita)
Trans Atlantic Slave Trade
Serfdom to maintain wealth in Europe
Slaves were needed to produce wealth, which is why they were used. Human Effects On Environment
Mosty Agriculture
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