Cedar Fair

Topics: Walt Disney, Amusement park, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 3 (583 words) Published: November 21, 2013

Problem Statement –While Cedar Fair is steadily growing revenue to the 2013 estimated value of $1.1B, their operating profit percentage has ranged from 50% to -17% over the past 5 years and relies heavily on season pass sales and visitors over a limited operating period of 130 days, leaving them vulnerable to competitive moves by the market leaders in the Amusement Park Industry. Analysis Plan / Data Used / Key Assumptions – We will use the Porter 5 forces Model for the Cedar Fair and to compare with the other amusement parks. The 5 forces will help us to understand the strong forces which will help the cedar fair to be more profitable in future. Key data will include from each of the amusement park websites. Also the revenue income provided by IBIS for each amusement park. The financial analysis particularly profit margin provided by mergent online will allow us to access financial performance for each company. Cedar Fair owns and operates 11 amusement parks, four outdoor parks, one indoor water park and five hotels. Cedar park lacks brand identification due to their diverse portfolio. The brand name of Cedar Fair is rarely associated with park or hotels. Data Analysis and Tool Use – Using the Porter’s 5 Forces model the strongest rivalry is from the Walt Disney, universal studios, Sea world and Six Flags. Since the Disney is global and has resorts and attractions for all age groups and also it is open all year along and generates income. Disney also keeps updating its theme parks wit new attractions and new technology to attract new customers or repeat too. Large resorts try to entice the customers to come to the parks instead to going to beaches by giving them special passes on internet. The mid-size theme parks attract the local customers who are close by and can drive and go back without spending the night at the hotels. Conclusions – The competition among the parks is intense, as the market is saturated and small. To increase the customers in cedar...

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