Challenges Associated with Doing Business in Japan

Topics: Culture, Meiji period, Western culture Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: October 31, 2013

There are always risks involved with doing business, but the bigger risk might just be doing business with a foreign country as there might be pros and cons. The Japanese have a very diversified culture that they practice very highly and in the corporate business world this might be a little challenging for people who are not acquainted to their culture. Some of this difficulties involves; Language, Values, Nonverbal behaviors and decision making process. Language can be a barrier if another country was to hold a business with japan, let us say for instance a Spanish business man who intends to do business with a Japanese and then they meet in person and cannot negotiate simply because they do not have a third language that the both party can comprehend but one of the major solution to this is to employ another person who is bi-lingua. In business it has been proven that 35% of the words are spoken while the remaining 65% are done through non-verbal mode of communication. The Japanese style of interaction is known to be among the least aggressive or most polite, they tend to use power in muted, indirect ways consistent with their preference for harmony and calm. In comparative studies, Japanese negotiators were found to disclose considerably less about themselves and their goals than French or American counterparts. With this kind of behavior business men feel more comfortable and confident to do business with them. “Sakura” is the national blossom in Japan. Hsiao (2004) explained that Japanese’s love for Sakura is closely related to its social and cultural background. Japanese think that Sakura is the most important symbol of life – “be transient and glorious”. The temporary blooming and fading of Sakura is the same as a samurai’s “determination to death”. Bushido serves as the foundation of Japanese deity spirit. It combines the concepts of Buddhism and...

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