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AP World History

Chapter 14: Economic Transformations (Commerce and Consequence) 1450-1750

Directions: Define the following terms for chapter one. Describe who or what it is and explain the significance or importance.

Prester John
Trading post Empire
Vasco da Gama
Ferdinand Magellan
Spanish Philippines
British AND Dutch East India Companies
Tokugawa Shogunate (and Shogun, daimyo and samurai AND relations with the world) Silver drain
Potosí, Bolivia
Little Ice Age and “soft gold”
Atlantic slave trade and the African diaspora
Kingdoms of Dahomey and Benin
Ayuba Suleiman Diallo


1. a. What drove European involvement in the world of Asian commerce? b. In what ways did Europeans to an extent transform earlier patterns of commerce? And, in what ways did they assimilate into those old patterns?

2. How did the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and British initiatives in Asia differ from one another?

3. What was the world historical importance of the silver trade?

4. Describe the impact of the fur trade on North American native societies.

5. How did the North American and Siberian fur trades differ from each other? What did they have in common?

6. a. What explains the rise of the Atlantic Slave trade?
b. What did it share with other patterns of slave owning and slave trading? c. In what different ways did the Atlantic Slave trade transform African societies?

7. What lasting legacies of early modern globalization are evident in the early twenty-first century? Pay particular attention to the legacies of the slave trade.

8. Looking Back: Asians, Africans, and Native Americans experienced early modern European expansion in quite different ways. Based on Chapters 13 and 14, how might you describe and explain those differences? Include how they were active agents in the historical process rather than just simply victims of European actions?
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