Chapter 4 Fast Food of Nation

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1) Who should be immediately called for assistance in case of an accident in the laboratory? Your laboratory instructor.
Your instructor should be trained to assist with emergency first aid until qualified medical assistance arrives.
2) What must be worn in the laboratory at all times to decrease the likelihood of an eye injury? Goggles or approved glasses.
Contact lenses should be worn only with GOGGLES or FACE SHIELD. Anything getting under a contact lens will not wash out unless the lens is removed. 3) a) What should you do if something gets in your eye?

Go to the nearest eyewash and continue to flush your eyes with WATER for about 15 minutes holding the eyelids open. b) What devices can you use? Note their location.
Use the eyewash located on the front lab table, or the eyewash bottles located at the entrance door, or the eye-face-body spray located next to the front lab table. Make sure you familiarize yourself with operating these devices before you start working in the laboratory. 4) a) What should be immediately used for a large chemical spill on the clothing? Use the safety shower. All contaminated clothing must be removed as drenching will only dilute the chemical absorbed by clothing, not wash it away. Washing should continue for at least 15 minutes or until no chemical remains in contact with the skin. Qualified medical assistance should be obtained immediately to assess any possible injury. b) Where is it?

It is located near the front door of the laboratory.
5) Why is it important to keep the lab benches free of book bags, coats, etc.? A cluttered work area always increases the chances for accidents to happen. Using or keeping your bags, coats, and books on your lab bench increases the chances .For reaction vessels to get knocked over and spill, for equipment to break, something catching on fire. Spillage can also damage your books and other belongings kept in your working area.

6) Why is it forbidden to wear headphones in the laboratory? Headphones obstruct hearing. Students in the laboratory need to pay attention at all times. Your instructor needs to be able to communicate with you without delay in your response. This is particularly important in emergency situations. 7) What precautions have to be taken with equipment that was or is being heated (e.g. crucibles, ringstands, etc.)? Any equipment has to be handled with extreme care in order to avoid burns. Hot items that need to be moved have to be handled with tongs, hot test tubes with a test tube holder. Equipment that was being heated can be checked for its temperature by approaching it slowly with the inside of your wrist where the skin is sensitive enough to detect radiating heat from a distance. 8) Why is it dangerous to leave an ignited Bunsen burner unattended? a) When the burner is adjusted to mix only a very small amount of air with the gas, the blue flame becomes almost invisible. This can result in a burn if someone not noticing the flame reaches over it on the lab bench. b) The flame can go out which results in emission of gas into the laboratory atmosphere. 9) Why is it dangerous to leave a reaction unattended while heating it? a) An unattended reaction can become a safety hazard. Material can splatter from the container at any time. If the reaction is heated to dryness, it can splatter from its container. b. Also, any glassware heated to dryness can shatter.

c. Certain solutions can catch fire.
10) Why is smoking forbidden in the laboratory?
Smoking in the laboratory is a fire hazard. It also runs the risk of possibleingestion of chemicals. 11) a) What is a "contained" fire?
A contained fire has not spread beyond the boundaries of the container. b) What is a simple method to put out a small, "contained" fire? Cover it to smother it. A small, contained fire in a test tube or a beaker can easily be put out by covering it with a watch glass or beaker to smother the flames. Do not use papers or towels it may catch fire....
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