Chapter 5 Review for the World That Trade Created

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Africa Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: July 20, 2013
In trade routes and otherwise greed led to violence. This was demonstrated through slavery, piracy, and control of ivory and opium. African slavery began from greed; Europeans needed labor to fuel their large trading productions and manufacturing of the traded goods. Mesoamerican slavery and destruction was caused by the Spanish conquistadors in their infamous quest for gold, god, and glory. Through greed the conquistadors decimated an entire civilization to obtain their gold. However the British and Dutch reaped many economic benefits of this perhaps even without knowledge of where their wealth had come from. Piracy, also fueled by greed, began as small bands, but eventually transformed into large companies of corporate raiders. The demanding trade of ivory and opium came from greed and addiction. They became key “luxury” items for wealthy Europeans, and it was the incentive for wars and violence. Pommeranz demonstrates throughout chapter five that greed led to violence.

Gold, God, and Glory powered everything in the beginning. The Spanish enslaved the Aztecs when they conquered them to help them with sugar production rates, increasing their profit. The Spanish also attempted to convert the Aztecs to Catholisism, and if they rebelled, they were forced into slavery in the name of God. Lastly, they were immensley proud because they managed to conquer the Aztecs, claiming the land as their own while also beginning the use of slavery. Slavery was also pertinnent later in history when the Dutch, seeking revenge upon the Spanish while also being enticed by the wealth sugar trade brought, conquered a port in Brazil, controling the sugar trade. However, they did not have enough slaves to take advantage of the sugar, so although they opposed it at first, travelled to African ports and obtained slaves by exchanging luxury goods for human lives. Although the Portuguese regaiined control of the sugar production in Brazil, the Dutch still utilized the advantages of...
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