Characteristics of Good Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Love, Wife Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: April 6, 2011
From my stand point as a Christian, marriage was ordained by God when at creation, He ordered that male and female whom He created, be fruitful, multiply, and to replenish the earth. The average Christian believer, male or female aspires to get married sometime in his or her life time, I only to fulfill this divine injunction. Apart from Christian religion, other religions accept marriage as one of life’s pivotal fulfillment. From whatever background one comes from, marriage is a commitment that has responsibilities. The three lessons I have learned and would be pleased to share in the paper are commitment, responsibility, and love. I have been married for seven years now. My husband and I come from a different cultural background, and as a result of which basic challenges are expected in the relationship. The first of such lessons is that marriage is a commitment to which everything ought to be given in order to sustain and make it a success. What this means is that one should consider the interest of the marriage beyond one’s selfish interest in decision making, disposition, and fancy. It entails loyalty and devotion to one’s husband and children, and involves compromising what makes it convenient. This requires flexibility and enormous sacrifices. It might not always work well if one partner is obsessive and compulsive personality. Secondly, I have learned that in a marriage comes with certain responsibilities are unavoidable if it must be sustained and nurtured for success. A wife ought to know her responsibilities towards her husband and children. These are important in order to ensure joy, peace, order, and happiness in her matrimonial home. It is good for a wife to know what gives her husband the most joy and work to achieve and ensure it at all times. If it is through his stomach, by cooking a good food that she can get to his heart then she should do it. If it is something else, it is the responsibility of the woman to seek it out and pursue it...
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