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Form A
Chemistry 100
Introduction to General Chemistry
Fall Semester, 2010
Exam One, 150 points
On this page print your name, your lab section number, and the name of your TA. Also sign this test booklet.
Name________________________________Lab section____________TA___________ Signature________________________________________________________________ The exam consists of 21 problems and one extra credit problem. Partial credit is given only for work that is legible and logically and clearly presented. Please include all set-ups, units, and unit cancellations. If you erase, do so completely, partial or unclear erasures may be graded as incorrect. You may use a nonprogrammable calculator on this test. A copy of the Periodic Table of Elements is provided on the last page.

For full credit give numerical answers in scientific notation and use the appropriate number of significant figures. Only answers written in the space provided will be graded. The exam will last 50 minutes. You may not be able to finish the entire exam so choose the problems that you work on carefully. If you finish early, please leave quietly. Do not mark below this line.

Problems 1-14 ______/84
Problem 15 ______/10
Problem 16 ______/6
Problem 17 ______/8
Problem 18 ______/6
Problem 19 ______/8
Problem 20 ______/4
Problem 21 ______/24
Problem 22 ______/4
Total points______________________/150 (plus 4 possible extra credit points) volume of a cylinder = πr2h

Form A

1) Convert 127° F to Kelvin?
A) 95.0 K
B) 475 K
C) 53.8 K
D) 400 K
E) 326 K
2) In what ratio do the elements represented by the electron configurations 1s22s22p63s1 and 1s22s22p3 combine to form a compound?
A) 3:1 respectively
B) 2:3 respectively
C) 3:2 respectively
D) 1:4 respectively
E) 1:3 respectively
3) Which of the following elements is the most electronegative? A) P
B) Cl
C) As
D) S
E) Te
4) A chemical property of a substance is a description of its A) combustibility
B) odor
C) density
D) solubility
E) none of the above
5) Which of the following atoms has the lowest ionization energy? A) Li
B) C
C) B
D) N
E) Ne
6) How many electrons occupy the 3p subshell of a mono-cationic potassium atom? A) 8
B) 6
C) 5
D) 3
E) 2

Form A
7) Which of the following is a nonmetal?
A) Br
B) V
C) Be
D) Mo
E) K
8) What is the chemical formula for an ionic compound formed between Copper(II) and nitrogen?
A) Cu1N
B) Cu3N
C) Cu2N
D) CuN3
E) Cu3N2
9) Which of the following statements is TRUE?
A) 1 cm = 100 m
B) 1000 µg = 10 mg
C) 1,000 mg = 1 ng
D) 1000 ms = 1 µs
E) 1 km = 100,000 cm
10) A neutral atom contains 22 protons and 30 neutrons. A second neutral atom contains 22 protons and 28 neutrons. The two atoms are _____________ of _____________. A) ions; cobalt
B) isotopes; zinc
C) ions; zinc
D) isotopes; titanium
E) ions; cerium
11) Analysis of a chemical compound that only contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen yields 2.840 g of carbon, 0.5070 g of hydrogen, and 4.054 g of oxygen. Calculate the mass percentage of hydrogen in this compound.

A) 3.340 %
B) 7.401 %
C) 6.552 %
D) 38.37 %
E) 6.850 %
12) Which of the following statements about NH3 is correct?
A) It is an ionic compound
B) It is a linear molecule
C) It is a nonpolar covalent molecule
D) It is a polar covalent molecule

Form A
13) In the quantum mechanical representation of an atom, how many electrons can be housed in the 5d subshell?
A) 6
B) 10
C) 12
D) 14
E) 16
14) Which of the following represents the correct formula for Iron(II) nitride? A) FeN
B) Fe3N2
C) FeN3
D) Fe3N
E) Fe2N3
15) You are installing a round Jacuzzi at your home. The Jacuzzi has a diameter of 12.0 feet and a depth of 92.7 cm. How many liters of water will this Jacuzzi hold? How many gallons of water will it hold?

volume of a cylinder = πr2h

Form A
16) Classify each of the following changes as “Physical” (P) or “Chemical” (C): _____ chlorine burns in hydrogen to form hydrogen...
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