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De La Salle University -Dasmariñas

College of Science


Dasmariñas City, Cavite


A. Introduction

Scientific writing is part of the job description of a researcher in the fields of Science, Medicine, and Engineering. A scientific paper is a technical paper that communicates the results of significant studies, discoveries, or inventions in these fields. It disseminates pertinent information so others in the same or related fields can benefit from them. This document is open for validation in terms of accuracy, reliability, and repeatability of results. Thus, a scientific paper becomes a part of creating and validating new knowledge, techniques, discoveries, and inventions. As a student in Chemistry laboratory, you will be required to write scientific paper based on the results of your class experiments. This will serve as an important training ground for you as research-proficient scientists, medical & allied health science practitioners, engineers, and educators in the future. The training will include preparation of schematic diagram of experimental procedures as a pre-laboratory requirement; and completion of experimental worksheets and writing of scientific paper as post-laboratory requirements.

B. Schematic Diagram of Experimental Procedures
The writing of schematic diagram will train you in summarizing and understanding technical procedures in doing scientific experiments. A schematic diagram is a stepwise flow chart of the experimental procedures that can be easily understood and interpreted. The process of making this flow chart will require an active reading and understanding of the described procedures. This will enhance your skills in interpreting technical procedures and will train you in critiquing existing protocols so as to improve them or even make your own experimental design. Clarity and brevity is a must in this process. These characteristics are illustrated in the sample schematic diagram in Figure 1. It is required of every student in all Chemistry laboratory classes as a pre-laboratory output. It is an absolute requirement before you may conduct an experiment: NO PRE-LAB MEANS NO EXPERIMENT! This schematic diagram is previously written on the required laboratory notebook. However, in lieu of minimizing waste of resources, it should be hand written in a single typewriting paper or on the provided schematic diagram sheet in the upcoming new editions of your laboratory manual. The schematic diagram will also serve as the basis of pre-laboratory discussion. This should also be consulted throughout the experimentation period for a more efficient performance of the experiment.

C. Experimental Worksheet

The worksheet is where you write-down your pertinent observations, data, analysis and calculations during and after experimentation. Accuracy, intellectual honesty, and neatness should be observed in completing your worksheet. You should also research for and answer the follow-up questions and applications. Each portion will have corresponding points for grading. Initial entry of data may be done in pencil but the final output should always be written in black or blue pen. Raw data and calculations should always be shown to your laboratory instructor before the end of your laboratory period for inspection and countersigning. Some parts of post-experimental analysis may be required for accomplishment during the laboratory period as stipulated by your instructor. However, the bulk of the analysis will serve as assignment that is due one-week after finishing the experiment. The worksheet is detached from the manual upon submission, but you may photocopy it prior to submission for personal...

References: Undergraduate Thesis. 2005. De La Salle University-Dasmariñas, Dasmariñas,
Cavite, Philippines.
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