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Topics: Chemistry, Chemical reaction, Copper Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: October 21, 2013
October 1, 2013
Chemical Reactions of Copper
The objective of this lab is to convert copper (Cu0) “in a series of reactions to various compound containing copper as the Cu2+ species” (CHM111 Laboratory Manual) in order to prove the Law of the Conservation of Mass.

In this experiment, we took a look at how copper (Cu0) reacts with different substances to get an end result where it is transformed back to its original state. There were five different reactions that involved copper. We first experimented with copper metal and converted it to copper (II) nitrate. We then converted copper (II) nitrate to copper (II) hydroxide. Next, we converted copper (II) hydroxide to copper (II) oxide. After that, out next conversion was from copper (II) oxide to copper (II) sulfate. Our last conversion was from copper (II) sulfate back to a copper metal.

During each experiment, we will write down observations seen during the chemical reactions. Some reaction will change colors. Others will generate heat. Our goal for this experiment is to “verify the Law of the Conservation of Mass” (CHM111 Laboratory Manual). Procedure

The procedure for this experiment was followed using the guidelines found in CHL111 General Chemistry I Laboratory Manual Fall 2013, Chemical Reactions of Copper. Data and Results
Part A
Mass of Erlenmeyer Flask- 122.3 g
Mass of Copper- 0.91 g
Mass of Copper in Flask- 123.2 g

Brown to clear gas
Green to blue liquid

Part B
Becomes cloudy and opaque
Turns to dark green color
Part C
Solution becomes darker
Part D
Mixture goes back to its natural state
Part E
Heat is generated
Liquid is clear
In-Lab Discussion
1) A. Cu (NO2)2 Cu (OH)2
B. Cu (OH)2 CuO
C. CuO  CuSO4
D. CuSO4 Cu0

Post Lab Discussion
2) 1.95/0.91*100= 214%; we were not able to verify the Law of Conservation of Mass within 5% of the...
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