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Chapter 1
Study of Chemistry
-Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. It is a very practical science which means that it can be used to determine stuff we do in real life. For example, drugs, food, etc. are made by researching the chemical properties of the substance.

-Matter is anything that has a mass and takes up space

-Elements are the most basic substances something can be broken down into. There are about 100 elements known to scientists right now. There may be more, but elements with more than 100 protons are extremely unstable and may only be created in labs.

-Atoms are the smallest building blocks of matter, each element is made up of a SPECIFIC type of atom. When atoms combine they form MOLECULES.

-Macro is big. Micro is small.

-Chemistry is a central science which means that it can be incorporated in many different types of fields.

Classification of Matter

-There are 3 main states of matter: solid, liquid, gas.
Solid- definite shape and volume
Liquid- definite volume no shape
Gas- No nothing

-A substance with fixed proportions are called PURE SUBSTANCE. The two types of pure substances are element and compound. COMPOUND are composed of two or more types of ATOMS. ELEMENTS are composed of only one kind of ATOM.

-A substance without fixed proportions is called a MIXTURE. In a MIXTURE, the substances that composes it still retains its own chemical properties. A HOMOGENOUS MIXTURE is one that is contains substances that are not easy to separate such as AIR (AKA SOLUTION). A HETEROGENOUS MIXTURE is one that super easy to separate such as sand, rocks, and wood.

-Filtration can take apart a mixture of a solid and a liquid. -Magnets take away metallic items.
-Distillation separates a homogenous mixture. Salt water.
-Chromatography separates ink (Plant lab in Bio last year.)

-Chemical symbols are abbreviations of elements names that are usually 1,2, or even sometimes 3 letters long. (Fe = iron)...
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