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Topics: Chemistry, Force, Chemical reaction Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: September 15, 2013
I. Title: Physical and Chemical Changes in a carbon dioxide lab and a cracker smash lab.

II. Experimental Question: Can a physical or chemical reaction affect the amount of mass in an experiment?

III. Introduction: In the chemical lab performed, the idea is to combine two teaspoons of baking soda and 40 mL. of vinegar to create a chemical reaction in which carbon dioxide is produced. In the physical lab, the idea is to weigh a cracker, smash it in a plastic bag, and then see if the weight has changed throughout like a physical change. Human error is pertinent in most labs so to accurately calculate limits, the formula for percent error is [Result – original value]/ original value x 100.

IV. Materials: (For Chemical)

* Erlenmeyer Flask
* Weigh Boat
* Two spoonful’s of baking soda
* 40 mL. of vinegar
* Balance
* One balloon

Materials: (For Physical)

* Crackers (3)
* One plastic bag
* Balance

V. Procedure:

* The procedure for the carbon dioxide lab, or the chemical lab, is easy to follow. The first step is to grab or obtain 40 mL. of vinegar, a weigh boat, one balloon, two spoonful’s of baking soda, an Erlenmeyer flask, and a balance. First, weigh the empty flask to “zero in” the scale. Using a weighing boat, pour the 40 mL. of vinegar into the Erlenmeyer flask, and then weigh the flask on the balance. Next, open a balloon and stretch half of it around the top of the flask so it’s ready to be inflated by the carbon dioxide about to be produced. Finally, wrap the opening of the balloon around the opening of the flask, and fill the flask with the two spoonful’s of baking soda. Watch as the balloon inflates with carbon dioxide.

* The procedure for the cracker smash lab, or the physical lab, is simple. The beginning step is to obtain three crackers, one plastic bag, and a balance to use as a weighing system. First weigh a plastic bag on the balance to “zero in”. Next, place the three...
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