Chemical Applications in Real Life Scenarios

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27 September 2013
Chemical Applications in Real Life Scenarios
“Case Study B”
Although chemicals generally have the same appearance in a liquid solution, they vary extremely from the fact that some may have no effect and others can cause death. One of the few ways that a certain chemical solution can be identified is through a simple test called a flame test. A flame test works by placing a certain chemical solution in an open flame and noting the color the flame changes to. The color of the flame changes due to the fact that electrons are constantly moving between energy levels as stated in the Hutchinson Encyclopedia. The chemical involved in case study B will be identified using a flame test and extensive research based on the results of the flame test. To find the identity of the chemical found in the basement, the easiest test to conduct is a flame test. To conduct a safe and operational flame test, loose clothing must not be worn, long hair should be tied back , and appropriate footwear must be worn. Since one is working with chemicals, goggles must be worn at all times until away from chemicals and open flames. Also, an open flame should never be left unattended so at least one person should keep an eye on the flame at all times. Since fire is being used, one must not sit while at the lab tables. Once all the safety procedures were in order, the flame test was able to start. With everyone standing, a small metal loop was dipped into the chemical solution making sure that the chemical was not dripping off the loop, but still covered the loop much like bubble soap on a bubble wand. The loop was then slowly placed along the edge of the flame until the flame changed color. One thing to note is that the loop is made of metal, so if the loop did not have enough chemical solution it would start to burn in the flame causing the flame to turn orange instead of the color it should have turned with the chemical solution. If done correctly,...

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