Chemical Egineering

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Daniel Reyna
Honors Physics P.1
January 7, 2013
Chemical Engineering
Chemical engineers are sometimes referred to as, “Universal Engineers”, because their technical mastery is so broad. My hope is that someday I will be called one of these universal engineers. I have always been interested in math and science. Chemistry has been my favorite science and I am immensely interested in building things and learning how things work. Therefore, I decided that chemical engineering is the job for me.

By definition, chemical engineering is the discipline of engineering that is concerned with the design, construction and operation of machines and plants that perform chemical reactions to solve practical problems or that make useful products. What makes a chemical engineer different from all other kinds of engineers is that in addition to their physics, math, and economic skills used to solve technical problems, they apply chemistry to solve those problems. One of the things that makes a chemical engineer a chemical engineer is their ability at dealing with physical and chemical changes of matter and understanding how that affects their conversion of energy. Due to the fact that chemical engineering is such a diverse discipline of engineering, there are an infinite amount of jobs that they can pursue. Some of these jobs include: designing and inventing machines to produce chemical effects, plan and operate facilities, monitor chemical processes taking place, business and finance, applied physics, manufacturing, applied mathematics, biochemistry, medicine, patent law, food processing, sales, education, publishing, and pollution monitoring.

One of the best colleges known by the engineering community is Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT). I applied and was accepted to RHIT. This school is my number one choice to attend. RHIT is a very competitive school to get in, with over 4,500 students applying for approximately 550 spots in the freshman class. RHIT is ranked number one by U.S. News & World Report among institutions whose highest degree in engineering is the master’s. RHIT, located in Terre Haute Indiana, was founded in 1874 as Rose Polytechnic Institute of Technology, and was the first college in the U.S. to offer chemical engineering in 1889. RHIT is a private college with 1,895 students and a student to teacher ratio of 11:1. The average class size is 20 and their job placement after college is 99%. Finally RHIT is ranked in the pay-scale top 10 for starting salaries.

Unlike most colleges/universities, the RHIT school year is run on a trimester schedule. Their three terms are fall, winter, and spring. The freshman curriculum is as follows: * Fall Term
* General Chemistry I
* Calculus I
* Rhetoric & Composition
* College and Life Skills
* Graphical Communications
* Winter Term
* General Chemistry II
* Physics I
* Calculus II
* Elective
* Spring Term
* General Chemistry III
* Programming and Computation for Chemical Engineers
* Introductive to Design
* Calculus III
* Physics II
While at RHIT, I plan on joining the following clubs: board game club, Chinese culture club, culinary culture club, engineers without borders, martial arts club, paintball club, residence hall association, Spanish club, and unity. The two Professional/Technical societies that I would like to join are American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. The Club Sports that I would join would be archery, scuba, and volleyball, and the performing group that I would join is the string ensemble. Needless to say I will be very busy at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

One of my goals is to get my PhD in Chemical Engineering. Unfortunately RHIT only offers Master’s Degrees. To get my PhD I would probably go to Iowa State University. Besides being accepted to RHIT, I was also accepted to...

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