Chemical Reaction and Quick Lab

Topics: Chemical reaction, Chemistry, York Region District School Board Pages: 47 (7922 words) Published: January 11, 2013

Investigating SCIENCE


Senior Author
Lionel Sandner
Science Education Consultant and Writer formerly Lead Coordinator, Pan-Canadian Science Project

Senior Technology Consultant
Josef Martha
Science Education Consultant and Writer

Clayton Ellis
Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School Peel District School Board

Igor Nowikow
Markham District High School York Region District School Board

Donald Lacy
Stelly’s Secondary School Saanich School District 63, British Columbia

Pauline Webb
Markham District High School York Region District School Board

Catherine Little
Program Coordinator Science, Environmental and Ecological Studies Toronto District School Board

Otto Wevers
Toronto District School Board

Sandy M. Wohl
Instructor, Curriculum Studies Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

Heather A. Mace
Featherston Drive Public School Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Contributing Authors
Cathy Costello
Education Consultant formerly Curriculum Coordinator, Literacy York Region District School Board

Jay Ingram
Science Journalist Daily Planet Discovery Channel Canada

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DIRECTOR OF PUBLISHING: Yvonne Van Ruskenveld (Edvantage Press) PROJECT MANAGER: Lee Geller (Edvantage Press) DEVELOPMENTAL EDITORS: Tricia Armstrong (Edvantage Press), Julie Bedford, Jackie Dulson, Rosemary Tanner CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Bonnie Edwards, Mike Szojka COPY EDITORS: Maja Grip, Jennifer Hedges, Christine McPhee, Kathy Vanderlinden PROOFREADERS: Maja Grip, Kari Magnuson, Christine McPhee INDEXER: Noeline Bridge SENIOR PRODUCTION EDITOR: Susan Selby PRODUCTION COORDINATORS: Sharlene Ross, Shonelle Ramserran MANUFACTURING MANAGER: Jane Schell DESIGN: Alex Li COMPOSITION: Carolyn E. Sebestyen; Word & Image Design Studio Inc. ILLUSTRATORS: Kevin Cheng, Crowle Art Group, Imagineering Media Services, Jane Whitney PHOTO RESEARCHERS: Nancy Belle Cook, Rose Gowsell-Pattison, Alison Lloyd

This book was printed using paper containing recycled fibre content.


Consultants and Reviewers
Science, Technology, Society, and the Environment
Marietta (Mars) Bloch
Director, Education Services Let’s Talk Science

Philip Marsh
University of Toronto Schools

Unit Reviewers
John Atherton
Instructional Leader Science 7–12 Toronto District School Board

Peter Cudmore
STAO Safety Committee

Anna-Marie Boulding
Instructional Services Simcoe County District School Board

Erminia Pedretti
Director, Centre for Studies in Science, Mathematics & Technology Education Ontario Institute for Studies in Education University of Toronto

Ian Mackellar
STAO Safety Committee

Sai Chung
A.Y. Jackson Secondary School Toronto District School Board

Dr. Scott Weese
Ontario Veterinary College University of Guelph

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