Chemical Reactions

Topics: Chemical reaction, Chemistry, Aluminium Pages: 2 (264 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Chemical Reaction Lab
Well #1
CuCl2 + Al (shot)
- Bubbling
- Turning reddish-maroon
- 33oC
Well #2
CuCl2 + Al (foil)
- Bubbling, but less than well #1
- Turning black
- 28oC
Well #3
CuCl2 + Zn
- Turned black then red
- No bubbling
- 29oC
Well #4
CuCl2 + NH4OH
- Cloudy
- No bubbling
- 26oC
Well #5
CuCl2 + NaCO3
- Not mixing with CuCl2
- Heterogeneous
- 25oC
Well #6
CuCl2 + AgNO3
- Cloudy
- Top layer is white

1. The more pronounced reaction was the aluminum shot with the cupric chloride. It bubbled a lot more and this might be because the aluminum shot was more concentrated with aluminum and cupric chloride must have a reaction to aluminum. 2. Three of the reactant combinations made a precipitate. The first precipitate was ammonium hydroxide because the solution became cloudy as soon as the ammonium hydroxide came into contact with the cupric chloride. Second was the sodium carbonate because it did not mix with the cupric chloride at all. The sodium carbonate left what looked like white ribbons in the original solution. Last was the silver nitrate because part of the compound was left on the surface of the cupric chloride, creating a white top layer, but the rest mixed. 3. Based on my observations, I would say that there were five exothermic reactions and one that had neither an endo- or exothermic reaction. The five that did have exothermic reactions were the aluminum shot, the aluminum foil, the zinc, sodium carbonate, and the silver nitrate. These solutions all had a gain of at least 1oC and up to 8oC.
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