Chemistry 101 Course Syllabus

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CHE101L Syllabus

|I. COURSE IDENTIFICATION | |Course Title |General Chemistry Laboratory | |Course Credit |1 unit | |Course Prerequisite |None | |Course Corequisite |General Chemistry Lecture | |Course Description |This course covers the essential principles of chemical knowledge giving emphasis on the continuous application of | | |theoretical principles to the industries and everyday life. Chemical concepts, atomic structure, chemical changes and | | |bonding calculations involving gas laws, chemical formulas, chemical equations, pH, and fundamental principles about | | |solutions. |

|II. COURSE OBJECTIVES | |General Objective |This course is designed to accompany the concepts learrned in the General Chemistry Lecture course. | |Specific Objectives |At the end of the course, the student should be able to: | | |apply the learned methods and procedures to related experimental activities; | | |apply the rules of significant figures in quantitative measurements carried out in the laboratory; | | |name and write chemical formulas; | | |show confidence in interpreting experimental data and its significance; | | |compare and contrast the properties and behavior of elements, compounds and mixtures; | | |show correct basic laboratory techniques; | | |show punctuality in the submission of the assigned tasks; | | |work harmoniously with others; | | |organizes laboratory apparatus and equipment; | | |maintain an orderly and clean work place. |

|III. TEXTBOOK(S) AND REFERENCES | |Textbook(s) |Silberberg, Martin S. (2010). Principles of General Chemistry 2nd Edition. New York: McGraw Hill International Edition. | |References |H. Stephen Stoker (2012). General Chemistry. Singapore: Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd | | |Brown, LeMay and Bursten. (2009). Chemistry: The Central...

References: |H. Stephen Stoker (2012). General Chemistry. Singapore: Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd |
| |Brown, LeMay and Bursten
| |Burdge, Julia R.. (2009). Chemistry, New York, N Y. :McGraw-Hill |
| |Chang, Raymond
| |Committee on Chemistry Laboratory. (2009). General Chemistry Laboratory Manual.Manila. |
| |Rosenberg, Jerome, Epstein, Lawrence M, and Krieger, Peter
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