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Separation of a Mixture of Solids
The purpose of this lab is to familiarize ourselves with the techniques associated with separating a mixture of different solids. We will learn how the unique properties of substances can aid in this process and help us distinguish each pure substance from one another. DATA

A. How did your proposed Procedures or flow charts at the beginning of this experiment compare to the actual Procedures of this lab exercise?

B. Discuss potential advantages or disadvantages of your proposed Procedure compared to the one actually used.

C. How would you explain a sand recovery percentage that is higher than the original sand percentage?

Because percentages are based not only on how much sand is recovered, by how much of other solids were recovered, it is possible that less of other solids was recovered. For example, if the entire initial amount of sand was recovered, but only half of the initial amount of salt was recovered, the sand would be a larger amount of the recovered solids.

D. What were potential sources of error in this experiment?

I found countless sources of error while I was performing this experiment. While the separation of the iron was very effective, I felt the other techniques allowed for a large margin of error. When pouring out the salt and benzoic acid mixture, it is likely that an amount of sand went with it. Also, after drying the sand, I still felt as though some pieces were left crusted to the side of the beaker despite my efforts to dislodge them, not to mention the sand that found its way onto the table I was working on. It was a very efficient way to weigh the benzoic acid, but there is always the potential for human error. This may include forgetting to take the net amount by subtracting the weight of the filter as well as not letting the filter completely dry. In calculating the table salt, some of the salt may...
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