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Source: Chemistry by C. Mortimer
PP 1-5
Chemistry by R.S. de Borja
PP 1-5

Definition of Chemistry
Chemistry is concerned with the composition and the structure of substances and with the forces that hold this structure together.
And the changes that undergoes with the energy involved in them. History
Chemistry which emerged, took hundreds of years to develop the history of its development can be divided ranging into five periods. PERIODS
Practical Arts
(____ to 600BC)
a. Production of metal from ores (smelting) pottery, brewing, baking, and preparation of dyes specially in Egypt and Mesopotamia, said development were empirical or simple that were based on experience rather than prior knowledge of indulging chemical principles involved Greek theory

(600BC to 300BC)
It’s on this period where the theoretical aspect began, notably in ancient Greece about 600BC. The foundation of Greek science, that is, search for principles through which an understanding of nature could be obtained to such theories include: a. A concept that all substances were composed of four elements, earth, wind, fire, and water originated in this period. b. A theory that matter consist of separate and distinct units called ”atoms” as proposed by Leocippus and extended by Democritus in the 5th century BC. Plato proposed transmutation, where by substances could be changed by changing the shape of the atoms themselves. Aristotle extended this concept by including such qualities as color and madness. A misconception extended however to the Middle Ages wherein materials would grow on mines to replace those that where mined from them.

The combination of Greek Philosophical tradition and Egyptian. Craft tradition emerged in Alexandra City founded by Alexander the convert base metals to gold by the use of a...
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