Chemistry and Chemical Properties

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physical chemical properties essay

Oakland Schools
SCoPE Science Assessment Packet
7th Grade

Unit 2 – Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes of Matter

Assessment Packet
Grade 7, Unit 2: Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes of Matter

This packet contains a set of assessment resources to be used with the Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes of Matter Unit of the 7th grade Scope Science Curriculum. A test blue print is included for the summative unit test. The blueprint describes the content to be assessed with selected response, constructed response, and performance assessments. In addition, the packet includes suggestions and examples for formative assessment. .

I. Assessment Plan for Grade 7
A one-page summary of the various assessment components for this unit, including summative, formative and self-assessment recommendations.

II. Test Blueprint
The Text Blue print lays out the assessment design for the summative unit test. It shows how item types are distributed across the core concepts of the unit and categorizes them into the four levels of the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) (see narrative). Item format for this test is either multiple choice (selected response) or essay (constructed response.)

III. Summative Exam
Part of summative assessment for unit. Test includes multiple choice and constructed response items. If items on this sample assessment are not included on the test administered to students, then comparable items addressing the same key concept and level of thinking (see Blueprint) should be substituted

IV. Performance Assessment Task
This is part of the end of unit summative assessment. Assessment includes the following: • Student directions for task
• Teacher information for task implementation

V. Assessment Checkbric
Criteria and standards for a quality Performance Assessment

Test Blueprint for Grade 7 Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter Unit Summative Test

|Domain (Concept) |DOK1 (Recall) |DOK2 (Skill/Concepts) |DOK 3 (Strategic Thinking) |Total Items/ Points |Percent | | |Knowledge |Comprehension |Application/Above | |of Test | |Physical and Chemical Properties |2 multiple choice |3 multiple choice | |6/7 |23% | |P.PM.07.24; P.Pm.07.11 | |1 essay (2 pts) | | | | |Periodic Table |4 multiple choice |2 multiple choice | |6/6 |20% | |P.PM.07.21; 22 | | | | | | |Compounds and Chemical Change |3 multiple choice |4 multiple choice | |8/9 |30% | |P.PM.07.23; P.CM.07.21; 22; 23 | |1 essay (2 pts) | | | | |Investigating Properties of Matter |3 multiple choice |2 multiple choice |1 essay (2 pts) |7/8 |27% | |S.IP.07.12; 13; 14; 15; S.IA.07.11 | |...
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