Chemistry and Confidential Instructions

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O Level Chemistry (5070)
Frequently Asked Questions
Can my candidates take a dictionary / calculator into the examination? Calculators can be used in all science papers and students should take a calculator, ruler, pencil, protractor and set of compasses into all science exams. Dictionaries are not allowed. My candidates did OK last session but I would like advice on how to improve my teaching and where they were losing marks unnecessarily – what help can I get? If you want a detailed breakdown then you can ask for a Group Report on your candidates but this will cost you money and so is only really worth doing if you have serious concerns. If you want more general advice the Report on the Examination gives a wealth of advice on teaching and highlights where candidates have most difficulty.

What equipment should we have in our laboratories?
A CIE booklet entitled Planning Science in Secondary Schools is available from CIE Publications and a list is given in the syllabus.
What help and advice can you give me about health and safety in the laboratory? The most important point of first contact is with the organisation responsible for health and safety in schools locally; they must be consulted if you are in any doubt and will advise on any local legal requirements. In addition, there are several useful guides available and many are listed in the booklet ‘Planning Science in Secondary Schools’. Most chemical suppliers’ catalogues have details of safety requirements for specific chemicals, and ‘Hazards’ (published by CLEAPSS Development Group, Brunel University, Uxbridge), ‘Hazards in the Chemical Laboratory’ (published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, ISBN 0-85186-489-9) and ‘Hazard Data Sheets’ (published by BDH Laboratory Supplies) are all excellent reference points. An on-line resource is located at

My candidates are doing the Alternative to Practical paper, so they don’t need any laboratory experience, do they?
Yes, they do. The ATP...
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